The Alphabetic Principle

The thing about literacy education is that the “experts” (bless their hearts) have created a lot of fancy sounding words and phrases to describe incredibly simple concepts. The alphabetic principle is one such term.This is the idea that the squiggly black lines on paper (called letters) represent sounds that combine to make words.

This is a simple principle that frequently goes untaught because we assume that children naturally understand the concept of reading. Some do, but some do not. Most children that have been read to extensively understand this principle unconsciously, but its always a good idea to bring them to an awareness of their knowledge. The children that do not quite understand what is going on when we read will struggle to apply any further teaching until they are explicitly taught the alphabetic principle. Starting here can clear up any misunderstandings and give everyone a good foundation.

See the video below for further explanation and demonstrations of how to teach the alphabetic principle:

CLICK HERE for the simple activity featured in this video.

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