Purpose Driven

“A lion runs faster when it is hungry” -Sugata Mitra

Each of us has unique talents, interests, and a divinely appointed mission, if we will seek it. The talents and interests of a child are clues to what the purpose, or legacy, of their life might be. When we allow children to be motivated by their interests instead of introducing arbitrary systems of points/grades and relying on curriculum “experts” to tell us what our children should know, we will begin to see what beautiful people our children are.  Their potential will flow out of them as they look outside themselves and serve others.

As a child matures, their interests and talents will grow into a purpose. As parents, we can act as guides to help our children develop and focus their purpose. This purpose will motivate their academic, emotional, and spiritual progression. When students are connected to their own personal missions, they become intrinsically motivated and we need not coerce, cajole, or bribe them to read or study.