Necessary Pre-Reading Skills

Before you jump into teaching letter names and sounds, there are 3 keys that every parent or literacy educator MUST understand. These are

  1. The Alphabetic Principle
  2. Phonological Awareness
  3. Scaffolding Comprehension

I know you are so excited to dive into decoding (sounding words out) but please make sure you have visited these 3 pages and understand their content prior to continuing into the letter-sound correspondence piece of this course.

If you try to teach decoding before your child or student understands the alphabetic principle or has developed a certain level of phonological awareness your child will meet with much frustration and will likely learn to hate reading.

If you jump into decoding before you understand how to facilitate the growth of reading comprehension, your child will run into serious problems when they are expected to use reading to access content in other fields (science, history, etc). Do yourself and your child a favor and get comprehension right from the start!