Heart Engaging

“You cannot parent a child whose heart you do not have” -Gordon Neufeld

If we are going to rely on a child’s interests and internal motivation to learn and discover the world, we must not only give them access to experiences and sources that will engage their minds, but also engage their hearts. Story, art, poetry, music and nature, all combine to deepen one’s appreciation for beauty and help to educate the heart. This appreciation grows into awe and wonder. This awe and wonder becomes inspiration for the child to create and contribute to society in meaningful and lovely ways. When a child is affected deeply by beauty and truth, they begin to realize that they could develop their own talents and affect other people for good.

If we intentionally fill our children’s hearts and minds with good and beautiful things, they will find direction and purpose in the application of the concrete knowledge we layer on top of this wholesome foundation. We will raise a generation of doctors, scientists, statesmen, engineers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and craftsmen who understand how to use their skills to compassionately serve and solve problems. If we do not focus on the education of the heart, these are just occupations. When the hearts of our children are awake and engaged, they are filled with joy and purpose.