Diagnostic and Mastery Tracker

You likely already have a good idea what your child knows and doesn’t know- but if you are looking for a solid baseline of where your child is with their reading knowledge, I’ve created a very short diagnostic and mastery tracker chart to help you stay organized and make sure there are no gaps in your child’s skills.


In the diagnostic your child will be asked to provide the name and sound for upper and lower case letters, use all consonants and short vowels in CVC words, and read words with all the remaining phonograms. As your child reads each line, praise them for their effort! Do not correct them or help them. You do NOT have to finish the assessment. Feel free to stop when you think your child has reached their limit. Simply record what phonograms your child does know on the tracker chart, pick something they don’t know and get practicing!

As your child gradually and joyfully learns each phonogram, mark the date you feel they have really mastered each one on the Mastery Tracker Chart.

I have also included the top 10 most useful spelling/reading rules. There are other rules, but these first 10 will be a great foundation for your reader (while not overwhelming anyone with the nitty-gritty).

If you print this document double sided you will have a single sheet with your child’s progress for phonograms and rules all in one place. So organized- look at you!