Before You Begin…

Literacy is the foundation of all other learning. Once a child can read, they can learn anything they want to. That is, IF they want to. The goal of literacy education should not be to just teach letter sounds and phonograms. This knowledge is necessary but it is not sufficient. The deeper purpose of literacy education is to help children fall in love with learning, to warm their hearts, develop their character, to deepen their capacity for empathy, and to give them access to truth. When you know what you want to harvest, you know what kind of seeds to plant.

If a child struggles to read or simply does not enjoy reading, their ability to develop all the skills they will need to live a meaningful purpose driven life will be stunted. No one knows what a child’s actual life mission is going to end up being, but we do know that in whatever capacity they choose to serve, they will be able to do it more effectively if they are able to understand the ideas of others and communicate their own ideas with clarity and compassion. When we structure a child’s early eduactional experiences in a way that preserves their love of learning, we will end up with more adults who know how to live with joy and purpose.

The process and resources I have shared in this Building Literacy section are intended to give you the tools and guidance you will need to teach the hard skills of literacy (letter sounds, comprehension, spelling etc…) But let us not loose sight of the most important thing. What is that, you ask?

The most important thing is that you educate their hearts and preserve their love of learning.

After all, there is not much difference between a child who cannot read and a child who knows how but chooses not to. Neither child spends much time reading.

So how can we teach literacy in a way that warms hearts and inspires children to love learning? Watch this video to find out!

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