The Way Mothers Are is intended as a resource for families who are interested in learning about the principles of true education and how to mentor children through their development without destroying the child’s natural love of learning.

A strong education is: agency based, purpose driven, family centered, heart engaging, and faith enriching. When we are guided by these principles, we will not only help our children develop their mental capacities, but also engender in them a lifelong love of learning and incredible depth of character. When these principles are ignored, students tend to become unmotivated and lack the ability to apply academic learning with purpose and morality.

In our view, strong education is not the memorizing of facts and passing of tests; it is growing up into one’s truest self. Obviously every child will find a different passion and purpose to motivate their learning. However, we do know that in order to accomplish pretty much anything, a child needs to know how to read.  This is the second aim of The Way Mothers Are… To empower parents to understand the components of literacy well enough to teach their children this invaluable skill. Here you will find resources on what to teach and how to teach in a way that builds the parent-child relationship, develops character, and inspires a love of literacy.

Why “The Why Mothers Are”…

“The Way Mothers Are” is a wonderful book by Miriam Schlein. It illustrates the often talked about but rarely applied truth that we each have intrinsic value, irrespective of our performance or behavior. True education can only be had when we offer our children a foundation of unconditional acceptance and love. When we explicitly teach and purposefully express true unconditional love, we make our children feel safe to try and safe to fail. Repeated trying is the key to progress in the acquisition of any knowledge or skill. Love is the foundation of all lasting growth.