A New Approach to Discipline

So about a year and a half ago I received a book in the mail. I did not order this book. No one that I knew had sent it to me or had even heard of it. I literally almost threw it in the garbage, but instead I put it on my bookshelf. Fast forward a year or so and I’m looking for a new book to read. This mystery book popped right out at me. 10 pages in I knew that however this book had come into my life, it was providential. I have read a lot of parenting books. But none that can hold a candle to the genius, clarity, and truth of this book. I don’t know if I will ever read another parenting book again.


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This is not your average “how to make your child stop misbehaving” type book. It’s deeper than that. It’s not about controlling behavior, its about building real relationships and true self mastery. How can I ask my 4 year old to stay calm and use his words when I, as an adult, struggle to do so myself? When I am calm and demonstrating appropriate behavior, I can teach my children how to do the same. Have you ever yelled “STOP YELLING!” or grabbed a toy away from two fighting children and then told them “NO TAKING!”

I have. But after reading this book, I am improving.

This book has helped me increase my focus on responding instead of reacting and building relationships instead of “making” children change their behaviors. The author, Becky Bailey, has created an organization called “Conscious Discipline” to help parents and educators learn and implement these amazing tools.  You can go to or check out the Conscious Discipline YouTube Channel. I will share some of my favorite elements of this program in the future, but in the mean time, do yourself and everyone you know a favor and READ THIS BOOK.


4 thoughts on “A New Approach to Discipline

  1. This looks like a great read; I value your recommendations for reading, they have always been so helpful to me in my quest to be a better Mom. I’m excited to see what treasures this book holds!

  2. It was from me! We were talking sometime about toddler struggles, and then I just sent it to you cuz it’s amazing. Didn’t know I had been so mysterious though–whoops!

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