Principles Never Do: Part 2

Welcome back to our three-part series highlighting¬†a progression of principles that will lead to the good result of a happy, well-rounded, engaged, trustworthy, and self-governing child. This post is number 2 of 3. First, check out Part 1: Right Relationship. Principle number two is… (drum roll please)… 2. Right Example. “A child’s heart finds something… Read More Principles Never Do: Part 2


Finding the Why

One of the principles of true education is PURPOSE. Or in other words, finding “the why” behind what we are learning. How many times in high school pre-calc did you ask your teacher, “Why do I have to know this?” Or maybe you loved math and instead you asked this same question about diagramming sentences… Read More Finding the Why


Baby Steps to Purpose

In my mind there are three types of education. Compulsory Education, Interest-Led Education, and Purpose-Driven Education. I know they all sound similar, but they are actually very different in both method and results, so hear me out, folks! Compulsory Education Compulsory Education is learning by force.¬†It doesn’t matter if your children are in public school,… Read More Baby Steps to Purpose


The Headgates Principle

Our individual agency, or free choice, is a wonderful gift from God. However, because we are free to choose, we can make choices that will bring us joy, or we can choose things that will cause physical, emotional, and sprititual harm. Our job as parents is provide a safe environment for our children to practice… Read More The Headgates Principle


How Learning Became Work

The world is replete with educational systems, schooling options, and curricula that vary widely in philosophy and application. However, one idea that is shared by almost all educational approaches is that learning is seen as work. How did this happen? Has it always been this way? Actually, no. It hasn’t always been this way. In… Read More How Learning Became Work


Merit Based Love

We often give lip service to the idea of “unconditional love” but few fully understand or apply it. Unconditional love means that one feels and expresses love no matter the behavior of the recipient. This is the whole message of The Way Mothers Are. Of course we all love our children unconditionally. But unfortunately, we… Read More Merit Based Love